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Sweet Potato – 3 Unique Ways


Sweet Potato – 3 Unique Ways

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious and beautiful (that orange!), they’re packed with nutrition and flavor too. A large sweet potato contains more than 4 times your daily vitamin A needs, 1/3 of vitamin C requirements, and loads of other nutrients like potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, manganese, protein and fiber. While we’ve all enjoyed roasted sweet potatoes at holiday time, or sweet potato fries, there are many creative ways to incorporate this nutrient powerhouse into your meals. Here are three of our favorites!

sweet potato pie smoothie


  1. In a Smoothie: Sweet potatoes are…sweet. This makes them a perfect candidate for a smoothie. You can add steamed or baked and cooled sweet potato to a smoothie instead of or in addition to fruit. Check out this Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie we created for Popsugar.


  1. Breakfast Hash: Potatoes are no stranger to the breakfast table. You often find hash browns and hash made with white potatoes, but sweet potatoes pair really well with eggs too! Dice up a sweet potato and sauté it in olive oil until soft, then add in chopped onion, diced bell pepper, and your favorite spices. (we love smoked paprika, black pepper, and fresh parsley!) This breakfast hash can be served topped with an egg or two and avocado for a perfectly balanced meal.


  1. Instead of Bread: If you’re trying to eat less processed foods, chances are you’ve resolved to not rely so heavily on bread as the carbohydrate of choice for meals and snacks. Sweet potatoes can really help a lot in this department. Slice a baked sweet potato in half lengthwise and use the two halves like slices of bread, filling with your favorite sandwich toppings. You may have to make this a fork and knife kind of sandwich! This can be anything from a fried egg, cheese, and salsa for breakfast to salmon salad at lunch or sloppy Joe filling (we love this lentil version from our friend Heidi) at dinner.


What are your favorite unique ways to use sweet potatoes?

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