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Running in the Snow


Running in the Snow

During the winter months, many of us face the challenge of running outdoors when conditions are less than ideal.  With the majority of the country covered in snow, I turned to some fitness bloggers to discover their best tips for hitting the snow-covered pavement.

“Above all, be careful. Make sure there is no ice, warm up properly, and wear bright colored clothing. Depending on the height of the snow, it can actually add resistance and challenge you (not to mention the added beauty to your normal outdoor run).” – Tabitha Klausen-Leandri 

“On days when it’s actually snowing and you want to get a run in, leave the watch at home. (Garmin GPS watches with touch screens do not work well when wet anyway!) The snow is going to slow you down so try running a loop you know is a set amount of miles and don’t worry about how slow you go.” – Karen Welby

“Wear shoes with some traction and wear sunglasses if it is snowing and/or windy! They will shield your eyes from the tiny snow pellets!” – Ashley Byron

“I’m finding you have to lower the bar a little to accommodate what the snow and such is going to do to your speed & technique. Today, I ditched the headphones so I could wear a balaclava mask to keep my face warm; the bonus was that I paid better attention to what I was stepping in/on and stayed safer.” – Axel Kussmann

“Think of it as a different kind of training! Don’t focus on speed, instead think about working your balance, focusing on form and enjoying the scenery.” – Amanda Brooks McLatchie 

“Slow down and pay attention to effort, instead of pace. Be a little more mindful of your foot placement and enjoy the run!” – Heather Blackmon

“Be very, very careful of traffic. Drivers are preoccupied and distracted. They may not look both ways. They definitely require more time to slow and stop. Avoid running on road shoulders as much as possible.” – Marcia Kadens 

“Wear bright clothing. Run a route that has less traffic. Wear gaiters if the snow is deep and/or slushy.” – Angela Armichardy Bekkala 

“Run like a kid again, laugh and have fun running in the snow, make a game of it, if you are running with someone throw some snow at them then run away quickly, until they catch you, then chase them, then at the end lay down and make a snow angel. Keep running fun! Running in snow or elsewhere is not drudgery – it is a privilege to be enjoyed and savored. Sometimes we forget that.” – Harold L. Shaw 

“Get a pair of Yaktrax…snow tires for your feet.” – Alison Gittelman 

Seeing the ground covered in white doesn’t mean that you are forced to bypass your routine. Implement one (or all) of the many tips from these fitness bloggers, be safe, and let the snow be an exciting addition to your workout.


What is your best tip for running (or walking) in the snow? 

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