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Richard Simmons x Bumble Bee Foods Video Exercise Circuit


Richard Simmons x Bumble Bee Foods Video Exercise Circuit

By now, you’ve seen the Richard Simmons #TunaRipped video from Bumble Bee Foods. In case you’ve been trying a social media cleanse (glad to have you back!), watch it here.

In the video, Richard Simmons puts on a dazzling display of moves that make you want to get up and dance. Well, it’s moves like this that can help put you on the path to a #TunaRipped physique. If you want to achieve a #TunaRipped physique . . . you need to have the moves. If you didn’t catch every last twist and turn, do not fret! Below is a list of the exercises Richard incorporates into his #TunaRipped workout.

Richard Simmons’ #TunaRipped Workout Circuit

  • Step-ups
  • Reaches
  • Dicso Turns
  • Rumba
  • Swan Lake Back

Add 3 reps of these exercises into your next workout and have fun with fitness!

Look out for even more #TunaRipped inspiration this month from Richard Simmons, and the one and only, LL Cool J!

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