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Slimming Summer

Slim down for summer without sacrificing flavor. For nutritious and great-tasting summer bites; our better-for-you salmon, chicken, and canned tuna recipes will surely keep you satisfied.

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By The Complete Savorist

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Mediterranean Tuna Chop Salad
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Fresh-tasting tonno in olive oil is the perfect complement to crisp chopped veggies, salty feta, and olives adorned with a lemony vinaigrette in this light and healthy lunch.

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Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers
4.5555555555556, 27

Flavorful sundried tomato albacore tuna in olive oil takes the place of traditional fattier ground beef in these colorful easy-to-make stuffed peppers finished off with creamy feta cheese. Brown rice...

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Fancy Arugula Salad with Sardines
3.4117647058824, 34

The peppery, spicy flavor of arugula is mellowed with a light drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. The combination of salty green olives, hearty but light sardines, and bright tomatoes provides a...

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Miso Salmon Pasta Toss
3.8125, 16

Imagine the flavors of your favorite miso soup glazed over tender chunks of premium salmon and smooth brown rice penne. This easy-to-make dish will surely impress with its beautiful colors...

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Tuscan Tonno Pasta Salad
4, 12

A delicious combination of our premium tonno tuna in olive oil paired with peppery arugula and pasta. Topped with shaved Parmesan cheese, this dish may look gourmet, but easy and...

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Chicken & Mandarin Fruit Salad
4.0952380952381, 21

Chicken salad with a twist! With a delightful mix of sweet fruit and nutty crunch, this easy to make chicken salad is full of flavor!

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Thai Chili Tuna Spring Rolls
4.0555555555556, 18

This delightful dish uses fresh ingredients such as carrots, green zucchini, mint leaves, Thai basil, cilantro and spicy tuna. It is quick and easy to prepare so invite your guests...

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