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Add more YUM to brunch, lunch, or dinner! Discover the perfect salmon, chicken, or canned tuna recipes for any meal occasion.

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
3.7, 10

An old Bumble Bee Favorite, brought back just for you! This crunchy filling doubles as a dip for any vegetable.

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Salmon Stuffed Cucumbers
3.1666666666667, 12

Dressed to impress, this appetizer is sure to please. The servings may be small but they are packed with flavor from fresh dill, moist salmon, sweet juicy cucumbers and a...

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Tuna Toasties
4.5555555555556, 9

Looking for something fun and easy to make? These toasties combine savory tuna, crisp celery and red apple, raisins and creamy yogurt for a delightful meal that is delicious and...

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Cream of Crab Soup
3.0909090909091, 11

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