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Kid-Friendly Tuna Snacks

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Bumble Bee Recipes - Kid-Friendly Tuna Snacks

Kid-Friendly Tuna Snacks

Your kids will be running home from the bus stop once they know you have these fun and delicious treats waiting for them. These tasty after-school tuna snack recipes highlight  Solid White Albacore Tuna, cheese, grapes, flaky croissants, and other simple ingredients for a creative snack.

Recipe by: Lovebugs and Postcards


Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 6 snacks


1 5-oz can of Solid White Albacore Tuna In Water, drained
2 cups of cheddar cheese, cut into chunks or cubes
½ package of sliced cheese
1 sleeve of crackers
1 bunch of grapes, plucked from vine and rinsed
1 large croissant roll
4 slices of bread
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
1 package of small fun shaped cookie cutter(s)
1 package of wooden skewers


Break the croissants into bite-size pieces. Add cheese cube, chunk of Solid
White Albacore Tuna, a grape and a piece of croissant onto a skewer. Repeat until you
have made enough Tuna Shish Kabobs to feed your hungry kiddos!

Mix some Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna with mayonnaise in a small bowl for
the Tuna Finger Sandwiches. Spread a layer of the tuna-mayo mixture across the sliced
bread. Top with a slice of cheese and grab your favorite cookie cutter. Cut out fun
shapes for tasty Tuna Finger Sandwiches.

With the same tuna salad from earlier, spoon it onto a cracker. Top with a small slice of
cheese and a grape. Call in the kids and enjoy this Tuna Stack Crackers.