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Families Cooking Together

Bring the family closer by preparing a delicious meal together. Everyone can lend a helping hand in making these simple salmon, chicken, or canned tuna recipes.

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
3.7, 10

An old Bumble Bee Favorite, brought back just for you! This crunchy filling doubles as a dip for any vegetable.

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Cheeseless Tuna Veggie Pizza
4.375, 8

A healthful twist of your traditional pizza, this dish is fun to make so bring the whole family in to help out! They'll enjoy customizing their pizzas with juicy tomatoes,...

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Tuna Swiss Casserole
4.25, 12

Here's a casserole that's perfect for a family supper, or to bring to a potluck. A savory blend of tuna, spinach, and cottage cheese is layered over buttery spaghetti; plenty...

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Clam Cakes
3.4666666666667, 30

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