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Maybe it's been a long day at work and you just picked up your kids. Perhaps it's the weekend and you're between a morning baseball game and afternoon piano recital. You've pledged to not always resort to takeout, so you always try to remember to have a can or two of Bumble Bee® in the pantry. We've got the best canned tuna recipes, low calorie chicken recipes and other fast ideas. Just add a couple of other staples, and you're ready for a quick and healthy meal. Our easy recipes with tuna, shrimp, chicken and other seafood are just a breeze.

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Healthy Salsa Tuna Bites

By Cori George at Hey, Let's Make Stuff

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5 Minute Skinny Spicy Tuna Tacos

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Bow-tie Peruvian “Green Pasta”‘ with Sundried Tomato Tuna

By Chef Doreen Colondres Peruvian kitchen is known for its Chinese influence, but it has also been inspired by the Italian immigrants that fused one or several of their recipes...

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By Sarah Walker at Sarah's Cucina Bella

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Tuna Avocado Melt Quesadilla

By Karen at The Tasty Bite

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Tuna and Chard Tostadas with Pumpkin Seeds and Yogurt Dressing

Hearty Swiss chard pairs perfectly with tuna, crunchy pumpkin seeds and a tangy yogurt dressing to make these offbeat but delicious tostadas.

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Tuna and Black Bean Burrito Bowl with Cilantro-Lime Dressing

This simple flavorful dish comes together in 15 minutes and is packed with nutrition. Quickly sauteed kale and mushrooms are served over black beans and quinoa and topped with a...

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Pasta Carbonara with Tuna & Broccolini

By Chef Doreen Colondres Carbonara is a traditional Italian recipe made with eggs, pancetta and cheese. This pasta carbonara with tuna, lemon zest and broccolini is a light, citrusy recipe...

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By Pink Wings

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Salmon Ravioli with Corn and Cilantro Sauce

By Chef Doreen Colondres This easy-to-make dish will definitely make you feel and look like a star in the kitchen. Make sure your materials and utensils are well-organized. You are...

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