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Incredible Athlete Series: Amanda Schwartz


Incredible Athlete Series: Amanda Schwartz

Amanda SchwartzA lot of runners focus on their speed and being in the “top three in their age group”…not this weekly Incredible Athlete! Amanda Schwartz is a slow runner and is very proud of it! She would call herself a jogger but doesn’t feel it has the same adventurous ring to it than runner has. She blogs at ThereAreTwoSides and has been writing there for over four years where she talks about eating healthy or not so healthy, running, the people in her life and marshmallows. Amanda is the perfect fit for our series to show that you can be a serious athlete without being a speed machine!

What is your favorite part about running? I love that it is not a sport that only the tall or the muscular, or those of a certain class or race can participate in. If you run you are a runner. Plain and simple.

How many races have you completed? I completed 17 races in 2011, including three half marathons. For my very first year of running, I’d say that’s pretty good.

What advice would you give someone interested in participating in their race? I would tell them that it doesn’t matter if you win or even finish in the top half of the runners. Finish and do your best.

What is your best training tip? Create a schedule for your training or make goals for yourself. This gives you something to work towards and a reason to get out and run more!

What keeps you motivated? My health and my family keep me motivated. I originally started running so I could lose weight…I have not lost any weight but I have gained a lot of muscle and a lot of self-respect along the way. I know that even with asthma and having had four knee surgeries, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! Never say never!

What is your favorite part about running? How many races have you completed? Who do you look up to for their ability to stay motivated and make time for themselves? Come over to Facebook and let me know!

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  1. Cari

    Love this article! I’m not really a runner but I wish I could be! Right now I am just working on being the best cari I can be. Thanks for the great tips!

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