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How to Use Social Media to Stick to Your Resolutions


How to Use Social Media to Stick to Your Resolutions

We all know the feeling of starting the New Year with ambitious health and fitness resolutions, only to find ourselves in front of the television, snack in hand, a week later. New Year’s resolutions are rather difficult to keep, but luckily social media could be the helping hand that you’ve always needed.

Make It Public

The best way to stick to a resolution or goal is to make it public. If you are telling someone about it, chances are that you will feel embarrassed if you ‘fail’ them. Social media is the perfect platform to publicly proclaim your goals and resolutions. This could be via a Facebook status or Tweet, or a ‘before’ picture shared on your Instagram page. Make your goals public as an added motivation to reach them.

Keep Track Online

Various social media applications allow you to keep track of your progress. The ability to easily see your progress will be an extra surge of motivation during your fitness journey. Use social media platforms such as My Fitness Pal to track your exercise, weight loss, and daily caloric intake. Then, make your miles and fitness activities count by logging them here at BeeWellForLife® to donate to your favorite causes. These tracking tools also allow you to share your achievements with your followers. Their praise and admiration will be further incentive to push yourself harder.

Blog About It

If you are serious about sticking to your health and fitness resolutions this New Year, you will have to take serious measures. A tweet or status update every now and again might not be enough to keep you on track. Blog about your fitness journey in order to stay focused. This could be done on a WordPress blog, Tumblr Blog, or Instagram. If you don’t want to combine your personal life with your weight loss journey you could always create separate account for these specific interactions.

Join a Community

The best social media tool to keep you on track is to join a community. This way you will have an established support system focused on helping you reach your goals. Do a bit of research about local Facebook fitness and health groups. These groups regularly share motivational posts, daily challenges, and even organize social fitness events.

Finding friends online with the same resolutions is just what you need to stay on track during your busy daily routine. Social media allows you to have a fitness buddy and health mentor just a tweet, tag, or direct message away.

How do you use social media to reach your fitness goals?

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