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How to Do Crossfit at Home


How to Do Crossfit at Home

If you are trying to establish a workout routine that won’t break the bank, home workouts are your best bet. Fitness routines such as Boot Camp and Crossfit are really trending – thus, the prices to participate are often sky-high, but luckily there are many ways you can work on that killer-body at home.

Crossfit is categorized as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) where certain exercises are repeated at a high intensity level with short instances of rest in between. Crossfit is aimed at working numerous muscle groups at once and not just targeting a specific area. This really boosts your fat burning and does wonders for improving your overall fitness. Below are some great HITT exercises you can perform at home.


One classic Crossfit exercise is burpees, which are certainly a full body workout. See how long it takes you to do 50 burpees non-stop and record that time. Then, try to beat that previous workout time and continuing challenging your personal best.

Air Squats

Another classic Crossfit exercise is Air Squats, which can be performed almost anywhere. Air Squats add an element of cardio to traditional squats with their increased intensity. Do 100 air squats as fast as you can and then try to decrease your time as you become more fit.

Kettle Bell Swings

If you are starting your home gym, a great addition to your equipment arsenal is a set of kettle bells. They can be used in a variety of ways and make for a full body workout. As a part of your Crossfit home workout, perform 40 kettle bell swings for three sets.

Push-Up Sprints

You will need a fair amount of space and a level floor in order to safely perform push-up sprints at home. Include this exercise in your home workout routine by doing 10 push-ups and then sprinting for 100m for ten sets.

Box Imitation

In a Crossfit specialized gym, you will most definitely see boxes, or platforms of different heights and sizes. Make use of your home surroundings to find some stable heights to practice box jumps. Have a look around for steps, sidewalks, or even low concrete walls to jump on.

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