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You probably know that you should eat more veggies. Getting at least 2 1/2 – 3 cups of veggies per day is what’s recommended for optimal health, but most people don’t quite meet the mark. To help, we interviewed our friend Sharon Palmer, RDN, a registered dietitian and nutritionist who… Read More»

Raising healthy eaters is about more than just telling kids to “eat their veggies”, though that’s a start. Building a child’s relationship with food into one that is confident, positive, and healthy involves ongoing dialogue and teaching. Here are six places to start.   Let Kids Take Part in the… Read More»

In this article, we talk about the single, most powerful action you can take to eat healthier, slim down, and feel better. You won’t find us promoting fad diets, deprivation-based eating plans, or weight loss pills/supplements/etc. There’s no magic bullet approach to getting and staying healthy. You also won’t find… Read More»

Aside from taste and tradition dating back almost 5,000 years, tea drinking has increased due to research findings that drinking a daily cup (or three or four) may impart health benefits. Here are the 5 top healthy reasons to start drinking more tea today!

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