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Meet Willow and Stephanie

Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh are registered dietitians and the duo behind C&J Nutrition…

Meet Presley Salmon

Presley Salmon is the blogger behind She is a wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast…

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New Gear For The New Year

  Whether you’ve always been active or have just started working out, new gear can be just the thing to set the tone for the New Year. There’s just something about finding the perfect pair of running tights that make heading to the gym that much more exciting. With that in mind, here are 10 pieces of fitness gear that will motivate you to get moving in 2017. All-Purpose Gym Bag Traditional duffle bags are a thing of the past. The Lululemon Everything Bag is one of my top picks for a gym bag that transitions seamlessly from yoga to…

Tips For Cutting Processed Carbs

We hear carbs get trash-talked all over the place and we’re always quick to defend them. Carbohydrates are your brain’s main fuel source and they also deliver really important nutrients, like B vitamins and the type of fiber your healthy gut bacteria love. BUT, not all carbs are created equally. So, we implore you.... instead of cutting carbs as your 2017 resolution, why not cut more processed carbs (foods made from white flour or any processed flour... often also called “wheat flour” so don’t be tricked!) and reach for the nutrient packed, fiber rich ones instead?   Here are our…

Free Online Workouts

One of the best ways to ensure your success this year is to be prepared for setbacks. If you can’t make it to the gym or head out for a run, you don’t have to throw in the proverbial towel. There are literally thousands of workout videos online, but it can be hard to sort through them all to find something that works for you. Check out my 8 favorite online workout resources below. The best part? They are all absolutely free! FITNESS BLENDER This is one of the most popular online workout resources for a reason. Fitness Blender adds…

Fitness Gifts Under $25

If you’re shopping for the fitness buff this year, I’ve got good news. You can give some great fitness gifts without breaking the bank. It can be hard to find gifts for everyone on your list, but it’s definitely a lot simpler when you understand their interests. The following list includes affordable items for just about any type of athlete. Cooling Towel: No matter what sport someone is into, chances are they’ll break a sweat once in a while. This towel works double time by keeping you dry and cool. Fitness Tank: Have a fashionable workout buddy? Give them the gift…

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