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Meet Willow and Stephanie

Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh are registered dietitians and the duo behind C&J Nutrition…

Meet Presley Salmon

Presley Salmon is the blogger behind She is a wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast…

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Valentine's Day Workout

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re planning a date or spending the day solo, you should definitely celebrate. After all, February isn’t just for cards and candy - it’s also Heart Health Month! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by showing some love to your ticker. If you’re up for a holiday-inspired workout, I’ve got just the one.   If I had to choose a favorite type of workout, it would probably be High Intensity Interval Training. With this training technique, you alternate between one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of…

Athelete Spotlight - Amanda Edenfield

Amanda is a single mom to two awesome kids, 14 and 6. She’s also a fitness instructor and a former special education teacher. She is a NASM certified personal trainer and a fitness instructor for PiYo Live, INSANITY Live, P90X Live, and bootcamp classes. Her blog, Phoenix Fitness, is all about fitness, clean eating, and how she keeps her family and herself healthy. She’s now also an avid runner, so I spoke to Amanda about her journey.   What is your favorite part about running? I love that running gives me a way to escape the stress of life. When…

Blogger Round Up - Quick Upper Body Workouts

Want stronger, leaner arms but aren’t sure how to accomplish that? You aren’t alone! If there is one area I struggle with, it’s my upper body. I know that total-body resistance training is important, but I am guilty of skipping “arm day” more often than not.  I find myself getting bored with upper body workouts more quickly than I do with other areas. The best way to combat that feeling is to make sure you are completing quick, challenging workouts.   Below you’ll find five of my current favorite upper body workouts. I’ve included circuits, supersets, and drop sets. I…

Beyond Sandwiches: Desk Lunches In 10 Minutes Or Less

One of the most common requests we hear from our clients is that they want to depend less on dining out at lunchtime. The pros of bringing your own lunch include: having a more veggie-packed, nutritious meal; having lunch ready right when you need it; and saving major cash. The major barriers we hear are simply not having enough time to prep lunch and/or not knowing what to bring/being bored with typical sandwich options.   We’ve got you covered on all fronts, with these simple, delicious take-to-work lunches that take 10 minutes or less to make. Whip them up the…

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