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Meet Willow and Stephanie

Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh are registered dietitians and the duo behind C&J Nutrition…

Meet Presley Salmon

Presley Salmon is the blogger behind She is a wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast…

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4th of July Fitness

For many of us, navigating 4th of July barbecues or get-togethers while sticking to our fitness goals can seem like a daunting task. I am definitely a supporter of fully enjoying the 4th, but I believe that going into any party prepared is key. If you have a plan, you’re more likely to stay active and less likely to overeat and feel miserable.   Instead of making you do all of the work right at the last minute, I’ve conveniently rounded up my picks for the best 4th of July workouts and lightened up treats.   Red, White, & Blue…

5 Tips for Eating Healthy at a BBQ

It’s finally warm out and BBQ season is officially in full swing. We are happy about that, because grilled foods are some of our favorites, from shrimp skewers, salmon and steak, to veggies and fruit. (Note:  if you haven’t tried grilled pineapple, put this on your list ASAP!) BBQ options can be super nutritious; however, there are also opportunities to eat much heavier fare, and way too much of it. For this reason, we wanted to share our favorite tips for ensuring that your BBQ season keeps you feeling healthy, energized, and on track with your health goals.   Eat…

5 Ways to Treat Yourself Better

  Bumble Bee's registered dietitian, Willow Jarosh, comes to you with another Bee Nutritious segment, discussing simple ways to treat yourself better via nutrition and overall attitude. Watch the video below . . .

How to Sit Less at Work

We recently got stands for our laptops that allow us to stand for part of the day and boy has it made a big difference. For one thing, we’ve both noticed better posture – no more slumping over our keyboards. We’ve also noticed having more energy (i.e. it’s easier to stay awake after lunch when we’re standing...) as well as less back stiffness. It’s no secret that sitting all day isn’t good for you. In fact, if you haven’t heard, according to this Mayo Clinic article, and accumulating research, it’s pretty risky.  So, in the spirit of desk side health,…

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