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Meet Willow and Stephanie

Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh are registered dietitians and the duo behind C&J Nutrition… More

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Five Tips to Prevent Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month, which provides a great opportunity to talk about diabetes, and more specifically, how to prevent diabetes. First, a few facts.…

Eating Strategies for Stress Relief

Do you know which foods are best for dealing with life's ups and downs? Bee Nutritious registered dietitian, Willow Jarosh, walks through some helpful eating…

10 Delicious & Healthy Thanksgiving Sides

While we love a well roasted turkey on Thanksgiving, what gets us more excited are the sides (of course that’s a close second to being…

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

We really love fermented foods over here at C&J Nutrition, which means we’ve been incorporating them more and more into our own diets based on…

Healthy Halloween Tips for Parents & Kids

We’re not here to tell you to swap apples for your kid’s Halloween treats, or that you should be the house giving out raisins or…

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