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Presley Salmon

Presley Salmon is the blogger behind She is a wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast. More

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Athlete Spotlight - Lauren Seserko

Lauren is a full-time research scientist and occupational therapy student, and part-time health and fitness nut.  Lauren is addicted to running, cooking, watching TV &…

Valentine's Day Workout

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re planning a date or spending the day solo, you should definitely celebrate. After all, February isn’t…

Athelete Spotlight - Amanda Edenfield

Amanda is a single mom to two awesome kids, 14 and 6. She’s also a fitness instructor and a former special education teacher. She is…

Blogger Round Up - Quick Upper Body Workouts

Want stronger, leaner arms but aren’t sure how to accomplish that? You aren’t alone! If there is one area I struggle with, it’s my upper…

Hate Running? Here are 5 Races You'll Love

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of running. While it’s certainly not the only way to work out and stay in shape, it…

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