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Football Season Fitness


Football Season Fitness

exercises to do while watching TV

Football season is in full swing! Watching games is fun, but staring at the television for hours every weekend isn’t always the healthiest choice. Why not work in a little physical activity with your Sunday football ritual? Combining a workout with a game is the perfect way to stay entertained, and it also helps you check off one more item on your daily to-do list. Multitasking, for the win.

Here are three easy exercises to do while watching TV:

Commercial: During every commercial break, complete crunches. You can vary the type of crunches or you can occasionally throw in some Russian Twists, planks, etc. Just work your core. This is about having fun, remember? Do what you like!

Completed Pass: Every single time your team completes a pass, complete twenty air squats. It starts out being ridiculously easy and ends with you begging for your team to work on their running game. 

Score: When your team scores, complete one burpee for every point on the board. Once again, this starts out innocently enough. If it’s a high scoring game, you may never want to hear the word burpee again.

If you want to up the ante a bit, check out the following football game workouts from around the web:

Do you have a favorite sports related workout? Leave us a comment below!

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