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Fitness Activities For The Whole Family


Fitness Activities For The Whole Family

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Finding time for fitness can be challenging. When you throw kids into the mix, it can be that much more difficult. It seems almost impossible to plan an hour of movement for each child when you can barely make it to the gym on your own. The good news is that it really can be done. It just takes a bit of planning and creativity. When it comes to family fitness, the trick to being successful is finding ways to sneak activity into your daily routine.


Perfect Attendance

If you’re already a regular gym-goer, see if your fitness center hosts any classes open to children as well. “Mommy and Me” classes are becoming increasingly popular, so chances are pretty good that you’ll find one to attend. Make it a weekly occurrence and you will be well on your way to meeting your family’s movement goals.


Cha-Cha Chores

Chores aren’t the most exciting family activity, but they are a great way to get everyone up and moving throughout the day. One way to spice them up a bit is to crank up the tunes and have a dance off. It’s amazing how much more fun sweeping the floor can be when you’re rocking out while you’re at it.


Ready, Set, Grow

Gardening is a fun and educational way to get the family active. Whether you’re planting new flowers, harvesting fruits and vegetables, or just pulling some pesky weeds, there are many ways to learn and explore in your very own backyard. As a bonus, you aren’t doing all of the yard work on your own.


Game Night Swap

Family game night is an awesome bonding event, but it can also be fitness-based if you move the fun outdoors. Instead of opening up a board game, round up the kids and head to the backyard. Soccer, freeze tag, and flag football are just a few options. As long as you’re moving, you’re on the right track.


Adventure Time

Going for a walk after dinner can make a big difference in your family’s fitness levels. To make it more fun for the kids, drum up some excitement by turning it into a full-on adventure. Follow a treasure map, hunt for bugs, or just simply take a new route. With a little imagination, your neighborhood can seem like a whole new world. Don’t forget to bring a handy spoon tuna pouch in case anybody in the family gets hungry.


Finding ways to stay active as a family isn’t just healthy, it’s incredibly smart. By combining family time with fitness, you’re able to squeeze that much more into your day.

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