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Fitness Focus – Raise the Barre


Fitness Focus – Raise the Barre

Since becoming a fitness craze, Barre workouts have been presented in various forms. What all these classes have in common is that they are rooted in the movements found in ballet, Pilates, and yoga. The exercises are focused on small, controlled movements and repetition with an engaged core. These workouts take place in dance studios with a ballet barre and other exercise equipment.

These pulsing exercises challenge the balance of the body and will tone you up from head to toe while improving your overall posture. The Barre workout consists of a combination of cardiovascular movements and as well as upper and lower body work.

Barre workouts are usually presented with about 10-20 individuals and one trainer. Participants will receive personal attention to ensure that they are mastering the movements. The classes will include standing exercises at the barre as well as seated mat work.

These days there are various Barre classes that you can attend such as Barre 3, Figure 4, Physique 57, The Bar Method, and Pure Barre. They vary slightly, but all have the same purpose: to promote a toned body and firm backside. Benefits of Barre workouts vary, but include:

  • Core Strength and Posture: The most obvious benefits of this type of exercise are improved core strength and posture. The small pulse movements with an engaged core will lead to tremendous gains. With a strong core your body’s posture will automatically improve.
  • Weight Loss: Building more lean muscle mass will raise your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you burn more calories. Barre workouts are focused on building lean muscle, and alongside a healthy meal plan, you will see weight loss results in no time.
  • Reduce Cellulite: One of the greatest benefits of Barre workouts is its ability to tone the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Reducing cellulite relies on aerobic activity, such as the fat-blasting Barre workouts. The lower body is a big problem area for “orange peel skin” and since these movements are focused on toning the glutes and thighs you will see a visible improvement if practiced regularly.
  • Flexibility: Barre exercises also include a series of stretching that can be found in ballet and yoga. These stretches are incorporated in each interval session and will lead to elongated lean muscle.

Have you tried a Barre class or workout yet? What did you think?

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