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Fitness Craze Spotlight – Aerial Yoga


Fitness Craze Spotlight – Aerial Yoga

The beauty of exercise trends is that they are ever changing. If you are an exercise lover there is always something that will tickle your fancy. Often times, new trends derive from age old practices; such is the case with Aerial Yoga. If you are embarking on this yoga journey, prepare to have your world turned upside down.


What’s in the Name?

Invented by a former gymnast, Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga is a series of exercises inspired by calisthenics, acrobatics, Pilates, and Yoga. During Aerial Yoga you make use of a hammock-like circus fabric, which supports the body in its movements. Aerial yoga helps realign the body through various yoga poses combined with the pull of gravity to strengthen the muscles and improve posture.

Who Would Enjoy Aerial Yoga?

Anybody new to yoga would enjoy the exercises in this creative form. On an intermediate level, students will still be able to challenge themselves and further evolve in the practice. This is also the ideal exercise for students looking to explore inversions, backbends, and deeper stretches. Aerial yoga is also suited for those who are recovering from minor injuries as the routines may aid in the rehab process.

Who Should Steer Clear of the Practice?

Before you start your Aerial Yoga journey it is advised to consult your doctor about any medical issues you might have. In the case of spinal injury or issues where pressure to the skin needs to be avoided, it would be advised to not participate in these exercises. Please consult with your doctor regarding Aerial Yoga if you happen to have any of the following conditions:

–          Pregnancy

–          Very High or Low Blood Pressure

–          Vertigo

–          Recent Heart Surgery

–          Recent Concussion

–          Osteoporosis

–          Head Cold, Flu or Sinusitis

–          Glaucoma

–          Bone Weakness

–          Recent Stroke

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga helps realign the body to its natural state while increasing body awareness. Since Yoga is also a form of meditation, it helps you focus your energy and connect with your deeper self. Aerial Yoga helps strengthen your core, and will help you tone and sculpt your muscles. When Yoga is practiced on a regular basis your flexibility will increase as you become suppler. Leading the Yogi lifestyle will help with general relaxation, awareness of your body and its movements, and give you a sense of freedom and self-worth.

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