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Fitness App Round Up


Fitness App Round Up

When I walk into the gym, I’m always amazed by how many smart phones I see. And while I’m sure that means some people are texting or checking their emails, I love seeing all of the various fitness apps people have open to help push themselves.

As someone who has a love for both technology and fitness, here are some of my favorite iPhone apps for the gym!

Tone It Up
For those of you who have never followed the Tone It Up girls, I’m sorry in advance because you’ll probably be glued to their YouTube channel for the rest of the afternoon. This app not only hooks you up with new moves for the gym, but it also connects you with a huge community of like minded women trying to achieve their fitness goals. Another fun addition? It provides you with a “Booty Call” alarm clock that you set to remind yourself to get out of bed and work that booty!

This is another YouTube guru gone app, BodyRock.tv will provide you with amazing workouts that you can do both at home or in the gym. Most require little to no equipment, and take 30 minutes or less.

Roadbud is one of my favorite apps for running or walking outdoors because like a Garmin, it tracks your mileage, location, route, and pace. Best of all, it’s integrated map functionality prevents you from getting lost.

Any time you find me on a treadmill or elliptical, you’ll find my Gymboss app on. Gymboss allows you to set your timer to various intervals so you know when that 30minute HIIT sprint is over, or when the next one is up!

Lose It!
Lose it is more food related, but I love using this app to track my meals for the day so I know exactly how many calories I’ve consumed and how much I need to burn at the gym.

Last but not least, I use the “Notes” feature in my phone to log my daily workouts. This is a great way to be able to look back if you forget what bicep moves really worked, what weight you last used, or just to see your progress over time.

Do you use apps for working out? What are your favorites?

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