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Favorite Weight Loss Blogs


Favorite Weight Loss Blogs

If you were to take a peak into my RSS reader, you’d find hundreds (that’s right, hundreds) of fitness blogs that I follow. With so much good reading out there, I can’t help myself! Each month I will start sharing with you some of my favorite bloggers that cover various fitness topics. Feel free to let me know your favorites in the comments!


Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite weight loss blogs. Whether you’re trying to lose significant weight or just a few pounds, these are the blogs you should be following!

Sarah from SarahFit is a published author on the subject of weight loss. Her blog and YouTube videos will give you countless recipes, meal plans, and workouts to help you shed unwanted pounds and get the body you want!

Bobbi from BobbiMcCormick is a personal trainer with a weight loss journey of her own. Her blog showcases tips and personal experiences around weight loss, both from a nutrition and fitness perspective (not to mention all of the adorable pictures of her baby girl!).

Andie from CanYouStayForDinner believes that teaching people to hate food won’t teach them how to eat right. She shares her personal history and relationship with food on her blog, and is currently authoring two books.

Roni from RonisWeigh has been blogging for years on the subject of weight loss. She is a mom of multiple and shares her tips for losing weight and keeping it off while keeping the whole family fit and healthy! A must read for busy Mom’s.

What are some of your favorite weight loss blogs?

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