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Favorite Family Fitness Blogger Round-Up


Favorite Family Fitness Blogger Round-Up

If you were to take a peak into my RSS reader, you’d find hundreds (that’s right, hundreds) of fitness blogs that I follow. With so much good reading out there, I can’t help myself! Each month I will start sharing with you some of my favorite bloggers that cover various fitness topics. Feel free to let me know your favorites in the comments!


Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite family fitness blogs. These bloggers know how to stay fit and active while juggling a busy household.

  • Carla from is one of my absolute favorite family bloggers. Not only is she a total fitness guru, but she shares this healthy lifestyle with her daughter as well, who is frequently seen on her blog and social media channels participating in Carla’s active lifestyle.
  • Madeline from Food, Fitness and Family Blog shares her mom-friendly healthy eats and workouts! This busy mom is a fan of yoga, running, and CrossFit, and will surely inspire you.
  • Laura from Mommy Run Fast got her blog name from her daughter shouting “Mommy run fast” from the seat of her jogging stroller. What is more motivating than that? The blog covers her training, lifestyle, and healthy family recipes.
  • Katie from Mommy’s Little Running Buddy covers a wide array of fitness, food, and parenting topics. This motivational Mama, who is a gym rat with her husband, went form being a “klutz” in high school, to participating in a handful of triathlons.
  • Katie from is a stay at home mom, entrepreneur, registered dietician, and gluten-free recipe creator! The family section of her blog is an amazing family fitness resource.

What are your favorite family fitness blogs? Please share them in the comments below! 

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