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Best Ways To Avoid A Thanksgiving Day Food Coma


Best Ways To Avoid A Thanksgiving Day Food Coma

thanksgiving day food coma

Mindset and mindfulness are so important for maintaining a healthy relationship with food through the holiday season and for feeling great in general. Turkey Day lunch/dinner is no exception. Yes, it IS possible to feel awesome after holiday meals. Here are six tips to finish this year’s Thanksgiving lunch/dinner feeling energized and not at all deprived.

1. Plan some activity now.

Get your body moving on Turkey Day to get those endorphins pumping, blood flowing (especially great if you’ve got a car-ride ahead of you), and energy level boosted. We love starting the day with a brisk walk — but a post-meal walk with the family is also a great idea. There are also Turkey Trot races scheduled across the country that you can do alone, or as a family.

2. Stick to your regular meal schedule.

Skipping meals on Thanksgiving Day automatically sets you up to think of the main event as needing to make up for a few meals at once. Combine that with being overly hungry when you sit down to eat and you’re less likely to be mindful and more likely to eat very quickly and eat more than you normally would. If you stick to your regular meal and snack schedule, you can arrive to the special meal feeling ready to eat and enjoy your favorites, but also in a more balanced state of mind.

3. Start the day hydrated (and stay that way).

Start the day with a big glass of water and continue to hydrate throughout the day. Every system in your body functions better when it’s properly hydrated, including your digestive system!

4. Balance your plate.

Aim to fill half your holiday plate with veggies, a quarter with carbs, and a quarter with protein. This way, you aren’t depriving yourself of any food group, but you’re also ensuring a satisfying meal that won’t leave you feeling deprived or hungry soon after.

5. Pair dessert with tea or coffee.

A warm beverage automatically slows you down and that can increase mindfulness. If you really love dessert, there’s no reason to skip it (even if you’re working towards weight loss goals). But, eating slowly and mindfully can help you get the most enjoyment out of a dessert and can help you listen to your body in terms of when you reach the point of feeling satisfied.

6. Help clear the table after the meal.

Getting up and moving after the special Turkey Day meal helps you feel less tired, aids in healthy digestion, and helps out the host. Offer to clear plates, do dishes, or take out the trash/recycling after the meal and your energy level (and host) will thank you!

What do you do to maintain that amazing feeling all day long on Thanksgiving Day? Catch the holiday spirit with more Bumble Bee Tuna Recipes & Healthy Living Tips.

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