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Willow & Stephanie

Foods that help you stay strong, energized, and maintain a healthy weight! Kale This nutrition rich, leafy green is a good (non-dairy) source of calcium, a mineral essential for keeping women’s bones healthy and preventing osteoporosis later in life.  One cup of cooked kale provides 10% of your daily calcium… Read More»

Q: I have been seeing jars of different fruit “butters” all over shelves lately.  Apple butter, pear butter, fig butter… What are these?  And are they healthy choices? A: Don’t let the name fool you; fruit butter does not contain butter, but it does contain fruit and have the smooth,… Read More»

We’ve loved Julie Fagan’s Peanut Butter Fingers blog since we discovered it a few years ago. She’s a down to earth gal that blogs about her life and eating adventures in a seriously relatable way. Julie’s got a great perspective on wellness, so we couldn’t think of a better person… Read More»