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Willow & Stephanie

The Olympic Games are always so inspiring for us. Watching the finest athletes in the world showcase what they’ve dedicated their lives to is sure to conjure up more than a few moments of chills. It also reminds us of how many parallels can be drawn from the successful techniques… Read More»

We just can’t get enough of these creamy green beauties this summer.  Avocados are delicious year-round, but they’re especially tempting in the summer when they’re in peak season, and often on sale (we just spotted them 4 for $1!). Avocados contain mostly heart-smart and belly fat busting monounsaturated fats, which… Read More»

Must-have ingredients that make putting together a healthy meal possible, even on the most hectic of days. 1. Eggs and egg whites: Eggs top our list because they offer a super convenient source of high quality protein, an essential component for satisfaction.  They’re not just a breakfast food either.  A… Read More»