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Jennifer Grayeb

Choosing the right running shoe is important for a myriad of reasons – the biggest of which is that an uncomfortable running shoe can make running unpleasant.  But beyond the obvious, choosing a running shoe can be hard to do, because there are a lot of options and self-professed experts. … Read More»

Amanda Brooks is a writer, runner, e-commerce consultant, wife, daughter and extremely motivated woman! She challenges herself and readers every month with a new 30 Day challenge that helps them to grow mentally, physically or spiritually as part of her mantra that life is about the entire healthy living journey.… Read More»

Julie is the voice behind ROJ Running, she is a therapist, ultra runner, kitchen enthusiast, crafter and so much more. Her blog focuses on running/fitness, random musings and weekly recipe ideas. What is your favorite part about running?  My favorite part about running is that I never know what to expect. From… Read More»