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Athlete Interview: Amanda Loudin


Athlete Interview: Amanda Loudin

Amanda Loudin has been running races and competing in triathlons for 15 years now. She’s literally done hundreds of races, from 5ks to marathons, an Ironman, and multiple Boston Marathons. She’s a running coach, freelance writer, blogger, and mom of two. You can follow her at www.amanda-loudin.com.

What is your favorite part about running? My favorite thing about running is that it is all mine. I don’t have to share it with anyone if I don’t want to, I can be as competitive as I choose to be with it, and it gives me time to think and reflect that I might not otherwise have.

How many races have you completed? I have completed literally hundreds of races, at all different distances. The marathon is probably my favorite.

What advice would you give someone interested in participating in his/her first race? My advice to someone racing for the first time would be not to have any time goals. Go out easy, see how you feel, and then pick up the pace if you can. Enjoy the day and that fantastic feeling of crossing the finish line.

What is your best training tip? My best training tip is to take recovery as seriously as the training. Our bodies can only take so much–the way to get stronger and faster is to allow your body downtime after the hard work.

What keeps you motivated? I am lucky when it comes to motivation–I truly love running and rarely find it hard to get out the door. But on the occasion that I might not want to go out the door, I think to myself, “if I’m not doing it, my competition is.” That does the trick!

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