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Athlete Interview: Amanda Brooks


Athlete Interview: Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks is a writer, runner, e-commerce consultant, wife, daughter and extremely motivated woman! She challenges herself and readers every month with a new 30 Day challenge that helps them to grow mentally, physically or spiritually as part of her mantra that life is about the entire healthy living journey.

What is your favorite part about running? Running allows me to explore new places like a local. The experience of breathing in the air, slowly passing stores, people and nature gives me an appreciation for a place that simply can’t be achieved through a car window.

How many races have you completed? 6 marathons and too many others to remember! But mostly I run for me, so I probably race a lot less than others.

What advice would you give someone interested in participating in his/her first race? A first race should be all about enjoying the entire experience! Don’t focus on the clock, just enjoy that you are there moving with so many others.

What is your best training tip? Dynamic stretching! Spend a couple minutes before your run walking, and then doing some leg swings to warm up. This not only helps to prevent injury, but has been shown to help you run up to 10% farther!

What keeps you motivated? I love the pride I feel each time I complete a run no matter the distance. It’s a reminder that I can push myself harder than I think and that I took the time to do something good for me.

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