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Adventure Dates


Adventure Dates

adventure-datesWith Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, many of us will be rushing around trying to make last minute plans with our significant others. Instead of boring each other with the typical dinner and a movie, why not do something a little more exciting? Adventure-based dates are a great way to switch it up!

In addition to having a blast, you’ll get your heart rate up and probably save a little cash. As far as I can tell, there’s not really a downside to getting active with the one you love. These fitness-related date ideas are perfect for getting your heart rate up while getting your romance on.


Hit the Trails

It doesn’t matter if you walk, jog, run, or bike. All you have to do is find a trail and get moving. While you’re at it, pack a bag filled with everything you need for a dinner for two under the stars. Score bonus points by being the one to remember the champagne and flutes for a toast!


Reach New Heights

If hitting the trails at the base of a mountain isn’t exciting enough, why not clip in and climb on up. Rock climbing is an adrenaline pumping way to strengthen your bond, especially if one of you is belaying for the other. What better way to build trust, right?


Hop on a Board

My husband and I were introduced to stand up paddle boarding this summer and we both absolutely loved it. It’s can be challenging, but it was such a great experience to learn a new skill together. If you haven’t tested the paddle boarding waters, I highly suggest trying it with your partner.


Play Tag

Seriously, when was the last time you played laser tag or paintball? To me, there is something totally romantic about acting like a bunch of fools. Use an active date as an excuse to act like kids and you’ll be sure to have a time to remember.


Rock the Boat

Fishing doesn’t sound like the best date, but don’t knock it until you try it. Rent a small boat, head out on the water, and spend some quality time together. Who cares if you actually catch a fish?


Whether you’re working your way up a mountain or working on a new skill, adventure-based dates are the way to go. Do you and your significant other have a favorite way to get active together? Fill us in!

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