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Thriving Workplace

At Bumble Bee we take a proactive approach to employee health and wellness – one that emphasizes healthy habits, awareness, and disease prevention. Bumble Bee provides an ongoing series of on site Health and Wellness programs for employees which are designed to:

  • Increase individual responsibility for healthcare
  • Cover preventative care as fully as possible
  • Establish individual health measurements (annual measurements)
  • Promote proactive management of 5 top diseases
  • Provide lifestyle management programs for highest risk behaviors (smoking and weight gain)
  • Provide monetary incentives for healthy behavior
  • Establish a tangible culture of health and wellness

There are many reasons why our health and wellness program is important to us. Good health practices benefit not only our individual employees, but our business as a whole. After all, a healthier workforce improves productivity, morale, absenteeism, and time on the job. And on an individual level, healthy employees enjoy a higher quality of life. Additionally, a healthier workforce reduces health care costs. It all adds up to a healthier lifestyle for everyone involved.

Bumble Bee also has an extremely aggressive safety management system aimed at delivering a safe and professional work environment for our employees, visitors and neighbors. We manage safety very seriously and have dedicated personnel at each manufacturing location to facilitate safety programs.

Our goal of a thriving workplace extends to our supply chain as well. Bumble Bee Seafoods conducts business ethically and honestly and in a manner that respects individuals, their communities and the environment. We expect the same from those with whom we work and expect that our suppliers operate with similar values and adhere to basic requirements in order to maintain a relationship with us. Click here to view our Supplier Code of Conduct and information relevant to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

A long term goal for Bumble Bee is to integrate our sustainability practices into our day-to-day business, A critical step in reaching this goal is to engage our employees. So we recently introduced an individual sustainability awareness program which not only executes visible sustainability initiatives in the workplace but also educates our employees about our corporate sustainability efforts and daily practices.

Bumble Bee initiatives in this area include:

  • Dual sided printing network printing to reduce paper consumption
  • More robust office recycling programs to complement our plant programs
  • Filtered water systems at corporate headquarters to avoid the need for plastic bottled water
  • Information about our corporate programs and tips on how to integrate sustainability into personal lives

Bumble Bee Active in Our Community and Industry

Bumble Bee’s corporate responsibility is evident through our actions, initiatives and programs across multiple channels ranging from local to international level.

Bumble Bee has contributed over half a million dollars in products and cash to disaster relief for the recent Haitian earthquake, the “American Samoa Tsunami Appeal” and southeast Asian tsunami relief through organizations such as Feed the Children and the American Red Cross.

Bumble Bee’s BeeWell For Life® program an interactive health and wellness program that encourages healthier food choices and exercise as part of daily routine to achieve energy balance directly benefits two amazing organizations: the American Diabetes Association®, and Women Heart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease®.

Women Heart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

BeeWell for Life
American Diabetes Association

In October 2009, Bumble Bee joined a coalition of over 60 retailers, food/beverage producers and NGO’s in forming the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation™ (HWCF), a national initiative aimed at reducing obesity, particularly among children, by encouraging behavior change and providing consumer tools in the marketplace, at work and in schools. Bumble Bee, along with the other members of the HWCF, support First Lady Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to end childhood obesity.

In the San Diego area where we are headquartered, Bumble Bee supports the local Big Brothers Big Sisters programs and has been a multiyear sponsor of such local events such as the Holiday Bowl 5K Fun Run.

In 2012, Bumble Bee became the lead sponsor for San Diego’s North County Solutions for Change “Solutions Farms” aquaponics facility. Solutions for Change is a north county San Diego non-profit whose mission is to “solve family homelessness, one family and one community at a time.”

Bumble Bee is directly supporting this organization through our funding of the newly opened Solutions Farms, an aquaponics facility that was set up on old greenhouse property in the city of Vista. Aquaponics is a closed loop system where nutrient enriched water that hosts fish is circulated under rafts of produce creating a highly efficient, soil-less ecosystem that provides high vegetable yield with minimal environmental impact. The Solutions Farms aquaponics facility will initially produce lettuce and tilapia that will be sold locally to generate funds for Solutions for Changes programs. The farm will also provide job training and employment opportunities for parent graduates of Solutions University.

Solutions Farms is a venture that combines sustainable farming, good nutrition, social impact and community goodwill – all are areas that very much align with the values of Bumble Bee.

We also demonstrate leadership within our relevant industry groups. In the area of fisheries management, Bumble Bee actively participates in the four Regional Fishing Management Organizations for tuna, chairs the ISSF, sits on the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, National Fisheries Institute Tuna Council and the Fishery Council of Canada.

Some of the industry groups in which Bumble Bee participates include:

  • Grocery Manufacturers Association (Various committees including Executive Committee)
  • Food Marketing Institute (Sustainable Seafood Supplier Council member)
  • National Fisheries Institute
  • Food and Consumer Products of Canada (Sustainability Committee member)
  • Shelf Stable Food Processors Association