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Nourishing Lifestyles

Bumble Bee Promotes Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyles for Consumers

Bumble Bee’s core seafood products are an excellent and affordable source of protein, nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids. The healthy profile of our product portfolio affords Bumble Bee a strong basis from which to support and encourage healthy consumer lifestyles.

Our commitment to healthy lifestyles is evident in Bumble Bee’s BeeWell For Life ™ program, an interactive health and wellness program that encourages healthier food choices and daily exercise to achieve energy balance. Plus, our program directly benefits the Breast Cancer Network of Strength®.

In October 2009, Bumble Bee joined a coalition of over 60 retailers, food/beverage producers and NGO’s in forming the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation™ (HWCF), a national initiative aimed at reducing obesity, particularly among children, by encouraging behavior change and providing consumer tools in the marketplace, at work and in schools. Bumble Bee, along with the other members of the HWCF, support First Lady Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to end childhood obesity.

Consistent with our commitment as a founding member of the HWCF, in 2010, Bumble Bee reduced the sodium levels across our core tuna products while maintaining the great taste consumers expect from our products. Sodium levels in our Albacore products were reduced from 250mg/serving to 140mg/serving and in our light meat products from 250 mg/serving to 180mg/serving. We are committed to continue implementing sodium reduction across the remainder of our product portfolio, as a demonstration of our commitment as a founding member of the HWCF.