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BeeWell and You Will Be Rewarded

Healthy living is its own reward—but we thought we’d sweeten the deal. Register to participate in our Bee BucksTM Loyalty Program and you can earn incredible rewards including exclusive Bumble Bee® gear, and even enter for a chance to win big in our sweepstakes!

Earn Bee BucksTM

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It’s Easy to Earn Fantastic Rewards!

Just follow these steps:

1) Register for Our Bee BucksTM Loyalty Program

2) Participate to Earn Bee BucksTM

Get one (1) Bee Buck each time you log your fitness activities, complete a challenge, or simply rate a recipe or share an article.

3) Claim Your Rewards

Redeem your Bee BucksTM for exclusive Bumble Bee® gear or enter our sweepstakes!

Take Healthy Steps

Bumble Bee Seafoods is committed to helping the world become a little healthier. On our website you’ll find tons of healthy recipes, expert fitness and nutrition advice, and tools to help you track your exercise activities. The great part is that by taking advantage of these resources, you’ll earn Bee BucksTM.

Earn Bee BucksTM

Members may earn one (1) Bee Buck for each of the following actions:

  • Logging a fitness activity
  • Completing a wellness challenge
  • Sharing or commenting on an article or recipe
  • Rating a recipe
  • Watching a video
  • Printing a recipe

Members may earn a maximum of 25 Bee BucksTM per day.

The Bee BucksTM Loyalty Program consists of a maximum of 250,000 Bee BucksTM that members may collectively earn. Once all of the Bee BucksTM have been depleted, members will have ninety (90) days to redeem their Bee BucksTM for rewards. If members do not use their Bee BucksTM within the allotted time, the Bee BucksTM will expire and become obsolete.

Rules & Regulations

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