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Fuel Your Workouts with These Healthy Snacks


Fuel Your Workouts with These Healthy Snacks

I know it is a total cliché, but when it comes to working out you do need to think of your body like a car. Sure “regular” fuel will get the job done, but put premium in that baby and watch it over-perform every time.

The ideal pre (or post) workout snack should consist of healthy fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • A smoothie with fresh fruit and protein powder
  • SOYJOY bars or granola bars
  • A banana slathered with some peanut butter
  • String cheese and an apple
  • Tuna or salmon with a couple of whole wheat crackers
  • Yogurt and a few pistachios

Don’t feel limited though — there is a plethora of yummy, healthy workout snacks available for you to choose from. I turned to the blogosphere for some more delicious and creative ideas.

What do you eat to fuel your workouts?


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14 Comments on “Fuel Your Workouts with These Healthy Snacks”

  1. Laura

    This is a great post… and so many tasty ideas and links! Thanks for including mine. :) I’m excited to check out the others! And I’m with you on the pb and nut butter, I eat that almost daily as pre/post workout fuel.

    1. Jennifer Edwards Post author

      Yours was great Laura, thanks for submitting! :) I’m excited to try all of these out as well!

  2. Heather Pimentel

    I absolutely love the almond butter granola recipe from Julie. I’ve personally tried it and love adding it on top of greek yogurt. Chia pudding is something I’ve been wanting to make. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas Jen!

    1. Jennifer Edwards Post author

      I have to try her almond butter.. it sounds amazing and I haven’t had almond butter in a while! I’ve actually grown fond of sunflower seed oil, but it is an acquired taste ;)

  3. Stephanie

    Those protein truffles look amazing! Thanks for sharing this helpful snacks. I usually grab a protein bar or a Cliff bar when I’m on the go but I’m not even sure if a Cliff bar is considered relatively healthy. Is it?

    1. Jennifer Edwards Post author

      I’m not a nutritionist, but from what I have heard they are better than many others on the market.

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