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Live Everyday to the Fullest


Live Everyday to the Fullest

I saw my oncologist on Tuesday. He gave me the all clear. Now we are two years and three months cancer free!!! This is a trend I plan to keep up. It was so cute though, I put the news on Facebook and received 65 “likes”. Holy Wow! 65! It’s nice when you see how much people really care about you and support you. I swear I have the best support system!

However, this got me thinking. I see all of the time notes from people in my support system that tell me how awesome I am and how well I handle things. I greatly appreciate the comments. It makes me smile to think that I may be an inspiration to someone. You should know that this is only because there are so many people that are an inspiration to me.

I was diagnosed with a low stage of a very treatable cancer (when caught early). I was lucky. I can’t mope or be upset because my chance of living the rest of my life without the cancer coming back is 90%. I’m taking those odds and running with it.

Am I mad that I got cancer? Of course

Can I do anything about it? Yes, I can listen to and trust my doctors, eat healthy, and exercise.

Am I doing those things? Yes. Great, then case closed.

I am doing what I can do to prevent it from coming back. The rest is not up to me, the rest is completely out of my hands. This is where hope comes in. I live everyday with the hope that I will make it to the next, and not the expectation that I will. We all know that whether you’ve had cancer or not, you are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Live everyday to the fullest.

The single best piece of advice I was ever given was given to me by my hero, My Dad. When I was a child he told me “Kristy, we all know that one day we are going to die. If you live the rest of your life worrying about the day you are going to die, then what kind of life would you have lived.” My Dad made me realize that it really is not about the years in your life, but it is about the life in your years.

Remember: Someone always has it worse. Be grateful for what you have. You and you alone are responsible for your life. Make it count! Make it a good one!

By: Kristy Davis, Bee Well For Life Ambassador

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