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Fitness Craze Spotlight – Hula Hooping


Fitness Craze Spotlight – Hula Hooping

There’s a lot that we can learn from children. Having fun with exercise is one of them. Children tend to be active without even thinking about it. One method of exercise that is making a comeback with kids and adults alike is hula hooping. With the new hula hooping exercise trend, you can incorporate some childhood fun into your workout regime.


Hula hoops are coming around again . . . even celebrities are taking a spin!

How & Why It Works

When it comes to hula-hoops it’s all about the rhythm and strengthening your core. These days there are also a variety of hoops available from small to large and even weighted hoops for an added burn. If you are struggling to find your momentum, try using a smaller or heavier hoop. According to Mary Pulak, the creator of the Hooked on Hooping fitness class, a bigger hoop will give you more time to react to the backwards and forward movement where a heavier hoop will help you work your abs as well.

One of the greatest aspects of hula hooping is the fact that it costs next to nothing. This is a cheap way of breaking some sweat and having fun while you’re at it. Hooping will help strengthen your core, but it is seen as more of a cardio routine.

Kelly Osbourne is one of the celebrities that realized the benefits of weight-loss via hula hooping. Even though hula hooping was just a part of her fitness regime, it really made a difference in helping her slim down and tone. Women’s Health explains that actively hula hooping burns about 7 calories per minute, which puts it right up there with exercises such as aerobics, walking, and Pilates.

Other benefits of hula hooping: strengthens waistline, burns calories, relieves stress, improves your balance, and in combination with healthy eating habits, aids in weight loss. It’s a full body workout.

There are many ways you can get involved in the hula hooping fitness craze. If you have kids you can join in on their hula hooping activities. They might even teach you a thing or two in perfecting the craft. Alternatives would be to join a hula hooping fitness class in your area or purchase an at home workout video to get in the swing of things.

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2 Comments on “Fitness Craze Spotlight – Hula Hooping”

  1. Scharon Rose

    I do not like to exercise, never have, until I bought my first weighted fitness hoop in November of 2015. Since November, I have hooped off 45 pounds and went from wearing a “tight” size 14 to a “loose” size 8!!!!!!!!!!!! I would also like to mention that I am 52 years old and the inches and pounds have been melting off me very quickly which isn’t that easy to do after 40 let alone 50 :) hooping has reshaped my body and toned me from my neck (no more Turkey waddle for this ole gal) all the way down to my ankles! Nothing has ever worked like this for me before and hooping is so much fun! I drink wine while hooping to some of my favorite tunes with my sister in law and we have a blast! Everyone needs to do this, trust me, you’ll be glad that you did. But do start out in short sessions as hooping will kick your butt and you will not realize it until the next day…expect some bruising in the beginning too. I hoop 4 days a week for 45-60 minutes and I look and feel great!

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