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Tips for Staying Fit on a Budget


Tips for Staying Fit on a Budget

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just a luxury for the rich and famous. It’s something that’s accessible to everyone. It’s easy to sabotage your fitness goals because you are under the impression that you cannot afford being fit. So, instead of using the excuse of not having a gym membership, we give you some tips for staying fit on budget:


Stream to Streamline

If you don’t want to miss out on the latest fitness crazes because you cannot afford the classes, don’t sweat it. Actually, you can sweat it . . . by streaming free fitness videos on YouTube. There are numerous free fitness routines to keep you inspired and motivated. Simply search YouTube for what you are looking for. Even if it isn’t the ‘real thing’, you can still make the best of the exercise routine.

DIY Weight Lifting

Purchasing weights and fitness equipment can be quite expensive, especially when you feel you have to buy it all. Fill empty soda bottles with sand/water and use them as an alternative to weights.

Take It Outside

Do a bit of research to see if you have any outdoor gyms in your area. These gyms or fitness parks are open to the public and encourage a healthy lifestyle. It also costs nothing to start a walking/running club with some close friends. If they aren’t into staying fit your pet dog will surely assist you every step of the way.

Clever Commuting

Choose other ways to commute than driving the car. If you live in a safe area you could cycle to wherever you need to be. Not only will you be saving money on petrol, but you will be burning calories as well. Take your family activities outside by suggesting hiking trails and a walk in the park on weekends.

Do Your Chores

Okay . . . I’m not your mother, but you would be surprised at the workout you can get from doing household chores. Play some music that will get you psyched and get moving. Do the laundry, vacuum the house, change the bedding, wash the windows, polish the floors, and take out the trash. As a result you will be burning major calories AND have a clean house.

How do you stay fit on a budget?

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