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Bumble Bee Foods Music Monday Workout Playlist


Bumble Bee Foods Music Monday Workout Playlist

If you really want to achieve a #TunaRipped physique, you need only two things:  Tuna and some inspirational tunes to drag you out of your doldrums. We know that staying motivated with your fitness routine in the New Year can sometimes be difficult . . . luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a fun, eclectic, and inspirational playlist to help you power through ANY workout. Cardio? Resistance Training? Crossfit? Underwater Aerobics? We’ve got you. Next time you’re heading out for a training session, bring this playlist with you! It’s not being anti-social, it’s being intense! Trust us, this is sure to bring an audible explosion of awesomeness to your ears. It even includes some recommendations from #TunaRipped star, Richard Simmons (find his where you see **).

You’re welcome . . .

1)      Basement Jaxx  –  Raindrops

2)      Yeah Yeah Yeahs  –  Heads Will Roll

3)      Japandroids  –  The House That Heaven Built

4)      One Direction  –  Story of my life  **

5)      Daft Punk  –  Crescendolls

6)      LL Cool J  –  Mama Said Knock You Out

7)      Goldfinger  –  Shirley Bassey

8)      Avicci  –  Wake Me Up

9)      Wolfmother  –  Joker & The Thief

10)   Pitbull featuring Keisha   –  Timber **

11)   One Republic  –  Counting Stars

12)   Macklemore & Ryan Lewis  – Can’t Hold Us

13)   LL Cool J  –  I’m Bad

14)   Lorde  –  Team  **

15)   Vince DiCola  –  Rocky 4 Training Montage

For more #TunaRipped inspiration, watch Richard Simmons in a #TunaRipped workout special here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaKlsWqiQRw

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