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The Best Tips For Running Hills


The Best Tips For Running Hills

Are you looking for killer calves and sculpted glutes? Making use of an incline during your cardiovascular exercises is just what you need. If you are already a runner, you will know that perfecting your hill skills is something that can be rather tricky. Whether you are training for a trail run, or just want to push the incline on the treadmill, we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at the best tips for running hills:

Posture Perfect
With any exercise, it’s very important to focus on your form. Keep your posture upright in order to prevent putting too much pressure on your back. Leaning forward with your body will only add on the pressure. 

Do It Your Way
No one is expecting you to be sprinting up and down hills when you are just starting out. Get to know your breathing, your stride, and your lung capacity. Taking smaller strides will help you maintain your cadence.

Don’t Switch It Up
It might be very tempting to start walking when those hills seem too daunting. This will only break your momentum. If you started out by running, stick to this movement no matter how slow you’re going.

Focus On Your Future
When you are running, it is best to look straight ahead instead of down to the ground or your feet. Not only will this help you mentally, it will also allow your airway to be in the best possible position for breathing. Your breathing is crucial to your success in running, so follow these small tips to make the best of your training.

Heart Healthy
In order to make the best of your hill-running, you have to strengthen your heart with other exercises. On the days that you aren’t running, try to incorporate other high intensity cardio exercises. A healthy heart and strong legs will help you conquer those hills.

Sprint It Out
In between running sessions you can build your stamina and endurance by doing sprints on flat surfaces. This way you will be faster and stronger when it comes to facing those steep challenges.

Good luck with your run, and let us know how it goes!

What are your top tips for running hills? 

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