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How to Learn More About Healthy Living (From the Right Sources)


How to Learn More About Healthy Living (From the Right Sources)

Even within the exercise community, I’m constantly surprised by the misguided facts or statements regarding health I see out there every day. When embarking on your health and wellness journey, it is important to know that you are reading the right materials and listening to the right people in order to benefit your body and overall health.

Let’s take a look at some of the best educational exercise resources:

WebMD is your online portal to everything relating to fitness, supplements, health and lifestyle management. This website features articles from experts, an online symptom checker, discussion forums and weight loss tools such as the food planner. If anything health and fitness related makes you tick, this website should be your homepage.

Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle
These days there is a major focus on clean eating in order to reach your health and wellness goals. A very popular lifestyle in the field of health is that of a Paleo diet, which is discussed in full in Diane Sanfilippo’s book, Practical Paleo. Diane is a Holistic Nutritionist and specializes in Paleo nutrition.

Healthy Living Blogs
While some of these blogs may be written simply by fitness or health advocates, many are written by certified personal trainers and nutritionists.

Livestrong does more than just support those fighting cancer. This website is a great go-to for diet, nutrition, and fitness tips for a healthier lifestyle!

Of course, don’t forget the amazing website you are on now, BeeWellForLife®!

These are just a few suggestions for those wanting to sharpen their health and wellness knowledge and stay informed on the latest trends in the fields of nutrition and exercise. Be sure that above all else, you are using your best judgment when it comes to your health. When in doubt, always check your sources and trust the professionals.

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