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5 Ways to Exercise with the Family


5 Ways to Exercise with the Family

Working out with the family is great for bonding, not to mention the stress relief and other health benefits it offers. Keep your family healthy, sane, and well connected this summer by incorporating some group fitness activities 

Team Sports
If members of your family are already participants of team sports, ask them to teach the rest of the family the basics. You could then choose a different team sport activity every weekend, making that particular member the team leader. This is a great way to engage everyone and open up an interest in each other’s lives.

Friendly Family Competition
There is nothing wrong with creating a spirit of competition within your family. Just try to balance it out by having everyone compete on different skill levels. Introduce the competition by awarding the winner with a possible prize. The competition can be anything, like logging personal activities online and seeing who has done the greatest amount of exercise per month, or just a ‘shooting hoops’ challenge on a Sunday afternoon. Be creative and try to include something that would involve the entire family.

An Active Routine
The best way to manage an active household is to create exercise as part of the family routine. If your kids get used to strolling along the beach or going for a morning run, this could become something that feels normal throughout their adult lives, thereby establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Sightseeing Cycles
Teach your kids to get in touch with nature by using bicycles as a form of sightseeing. If you still have a family of little ones, you can attach child seats or trailers to the back of your bikes and ride some relatively easy family routes.

Subtle Sweating
If you are having a tough time getting your family members away from the consoles or computers, try to trick them into becoming active. This could easily be done by suggesting a family outing to the local Zoo, or even a picnic at a botanical garden. Before you know it, your kids will be chasing each other around, or running to the next check point, breaking a sweat without even realizing it.

Regardless of what you do, be sure you and your family stay moving this summer, and doing so as a team can only bring you that much closer together!

What does your family do to exercise together?

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