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About the Bokwa Fitness Craze


About the Bokwa Fitness Craze

What is Bokwa?
This latest fitness craze is derived from a combination of exercises and moves from the African Culture. Going back to his African roots, Paul Mavi created this hybrid dance form consisting of ‘Bo’ which stands for boxing and ‘Kwa’ which is shortened from the traditional African dance, Kwaito.

This alternative dancing routine was started by Paul back in 2000 and has since grown exponentially. The combination of fitness and dance has proved to be very popular among group class goers, similar to Zumba.

The Man Behind the Moves
International fitness personality, Paul Mavi is the man behind the moves. Based in Los Angeles as a group fitness instructor, Mavi decided to incorporate his African roots in his latest dance class. After eight years of developing his craft, he partnered with Johann Verheem in 2012 to develop the class and train individuals.

Independent Group Fitness Instructors can obtain Bokwa Fitness certifications in order to instruct the classes at clubs, gyms and even private studios. Paul Mavi and his team also went a step further by being the only fitness program to offer American Hand Sign Language and Bokwa Hand signs as a part of the instruction.

The Bokwa Moves
The Bokwa fitness routine combines cardiovascular exercises with the benefit of endurance, as well as flexibility and strength training. The Bokwa Fitness routine combines all of these elements to create a group class for both young and old on the backdrop of Latin, House, Dance, and African Music.

The vibe of the class is described as being electrifying with high energy and rhythmic beats. Every individual that is looking to boost their weight loss journey should consider this high intensity group class. The Bokwa Fitness routine will provide you with a full body workout while teaching you the moves by drawing letters and numbers with your feet while dancing.

This method of teaching allows the participants to spice up their workout with different ‘letters’ and ‘numbers’ as they go along.  Even though it is said to be rather challenging, the workout routine is ideal for any age group, especially those that are eager to learn something new.

There are so many benefits to the Bokwa Fitness program, it’s no wonder it is such an exercise craze. Take part in Bokwa Fitness classes for weight loss, improved fitness, reduced risk of heart disease, and a fun, dance-packed workout.

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