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Your Home Cleaning Workout Routine


Your Home Cleaning Workout Routine

We have all had those days where everything just seems to happen at once. Your to-do list is never-ending and your energy levels are screaming ‘battery low’. There is no way that you are going to get to all your housework done as well as have me-time at the gym.

Don’t despair! Multi-tasking is our forte, so why not change your cleaning regimen into a killer workout routine?

Speed Things Up – You won’t break a sweat from swaying the feather duster side to side. Plan your cleaning workout in such a way that you can move at a quick pace with high intensity. Not only will you get your heart pumping but you will finish the chores in no time as well.

Washing Line Squats – If you hang your clothes outside to dry, force yourself to do a squat before every piece of clothing gets pinned to the washing line. Yes, every sock counts and if you want that added burn you can turn it into jumping squats. Don’t line dry? Do jumping squats between each piece of laundry that you fold. 

Stepladder Step-Class – Force yourself to use a stepladder when cleaning. With pumped up music in the background and some cobwebs to clean you will be surprised at how similar these movements are to a step class.

Vacuum Lunges – Since you are already moving around while vacuuming the house, why not turn this movement into lunges? Alternate between each leg and restrict your movement to basic lunges.

Window Workout – Clean those windows with big circular movements. You can do this with both arms or choose to alternate between the arms. Keep your core muscles engaged and move at a moderate to fast pace.

Get on All Fours – Instead of using your mop to clean your floors, get on all fours. Scrubbing the surface might take longer, but your body will surely thank you for it.

Rug it Out – If you have large rugs or carpets, take them out and hang them on the washing line. Take a stick or cricket bat and hit the rug to free it from dust and dirt. Try to keep hitting for 10-12 hits at a time before resting.

By the time you are done, your house will be sparkling and your muscles will be burning!

What ways do you turn errands or chores into a heart-pumping workout?

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