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Blogger Round Up: Favorite Ways to Workout Outside in the Spring


Blogger Round Up: Favorite Ways to Workout Outside in the Spring

When people think of working out outdoors, they tend to think of running, walking, or biking; however, there are tons of other creative ways you can take your workout outdoors! I turned to the fitness blogosphere to find out how some of my favorite bloggers were taking advantage of the spring weather.

Check out this great outdoor staircase circuit workout by Tamara Grand with accompanying YouTube video that will help you turn that boring stairmaster routine into an outdoor fat blasting adventure!

Hut, hut, HIKE
Samantha Richardson got really creative and used a local football field as her own personal workout studio. From bleachers to lunges, Samantha shows you how to take advantage of every inch of the field!

Surfer girl
Live near the beach?  Debbie Woodruff shares her favorite beach circuit workout that allows you to get down and dirty in the sand, all while soaking up the sun and burning those calories!

Trail blazer
Hiking doesn’t have to be all about cardio.  Heather Gannoe shares her High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the Trail workout that includes both strength training and cardio, for a well-rounded, nature-filled outdoor workout.

Hit the track
Most local schools have a track, many of which are open to the public after school hours. Find one near you and then check out these great track workouts from Coach Karen to help you run faster and set new personal records!

Have a seat
…or rather, use a seat. Amanda Brooks McLatchie put together an awesome and effective workout using only a park bench! Try taking a stroll or a jog down a boardwalk and doing this routine every time you hit a bench for maximum results!

What creative outdoor workouts have you seen on blogs or tried lately?


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