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Six Edible Mother’s Day Gifts


Six Edible Mother’s Day Gifts

Tahini Crispy Brown Rice Treats with Dark Chocolate Ganache: If your mom loves chocolate and homemade treats, then she will not be disappointed with a box of these bars. Pack them up in a reusable glass container or a pretty tin. They’re also great gifted with her favorite coffee or tea.


Vanilla extract: For moms who love baking, homemade vanilla extract is something they can keep in the spice cabinet to remind them of you every time they bake. A homemade label and a pretty bottle are really nice touches for gifting. Bonus points if you write a mom inspired note of love on the label. We love the way they bottled the final extract up in this Kitchn post.

Mother's Day Edible Gifts

Sushi: If you’re making your mom a homemade meal to celebrate Mother’s Day, sushi is pretty impressive. Since it’s not something most moms treat themselves to regularly; plating up a tray of homemade sushi, complete with pickled ginger and wasabi paste, is a memorable gift. Pair it with this DIY sushi kit if you think mom will be down to make her own sushi another time!


Turmeric Cashews: We think these spiced cashews from Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks would look so pretty in a jar tied with a ribbon bow. You could even gift them to your mom as part of a gift basket with flowers, seasonal fruit, and tea.


Garlic Confit: If you grew up appreciating your mom’s amazing cooking, try gifting her this preserved garlic confit that she can use to enhance her creative kitchen endeavors. She can use the oil to add garlic flavors to sautéed dishes and dressing, mash the cloves into butter or mayonnaise for dips, and use the sliced cloves on pizza and roasted chicken. Serving the confit in a beautiful, wide jar looks really nice. And if you wanted to make this as part of a gift basket; pairing it with dried beans, nice olive oil, and interesting dish towels is really pretty.


Citrus Spiced Dandelion Bitters: Your mom doesn’t have to be a cocktail aficionado to appreciate homemade bitters. We’ve made several batches of this Traditional Medicinals recipe and they are a hit. A few drops of this flavorful herbal extract is often used in water as an after dinner drink to ease digestion. It’s also a fun way to add flavor to club soda. And if you want more non-cocktail uses for bitters, check out this Bon Appetit article.

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