Fall Running Tips to Overcome Your Cold Weather Woes

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Fall Running Tips to Overcome Your Cold Weather Woes


Fall Running Tips to Overcome Your Cold Weather Woes

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Snow, ice, and darkness sound like they should describe the elements of a new thriller hitting the box office. They don’t make for the most pleasant workout setting, but that’s what a lot of us are in for as the seasons change. Instead of skipping your next outdoor workout, try getting creative in order to stay motivated during the months to come.

One group of people who will feel this change the most are solo runners. It can be difficult, and sometimes unsafe, to pound the pavement or hit the trails before, or after sunrise. Here are a few running tips for fall to help you maintain the fitness momentum you’ve created over the summer.

  1. Join a group –The whole “safety in numbers” idea exists for a reason. If you don’t feel comfortable working out alone in the dark, now is a great time to sign up with a local running or fitness group. Belonging to a team of sorts will also help keep you motivated to get up and get out there.
  2. Learn to love the “Runch” – If you are able to, head outside or hop on the treadmill during your lunch break. The Runch – or lunch run – is popular for a reason. You squeeze some miles in during the day and you get a boost of energy right before the afternoon slump hits.
  3. Gear up – If there is no way to avoid heading out in the dark, make sure you do it safely. Wear reflective gear, shoes with great grip, and carry a flashlight or wear a headlamp. Even on the most familiar route, a little snow and ice in the dark can be a game changer.
  4. Try something new – If you’ve always wanted to try a new fitness class or gym, why wait any longer? You’ll be able to take your workout indoors, experiment with new fitness trends, and hopefully find a schedule that works well for you.
  5. Have some fun – Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Don’t let a change in your routine stress you out. Fitness should be fun. A healthy lifestyle is what matters in the long run, so a bump in the road here or there is definitely okay. Keep at it and keep having a blast.
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