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Halloween Candy Calorie Counts


Halloween Candy Calorie Counts

Whether you’re going all out with your own costume, helping to dress up your kids, or just handing out candy at the door, it’s likely that you’ll be crossing paths with some Halloween candy this year.  When it comes to treats (Halloween or otherwise), it’s better to eat a small portion of something you love rather than eating more of something you are lukewarm about and feeling less satisfied.

Our best tip to keep Halloween candy consumption under control: Plan to have one or two pieces of candy that you love per day and stick to JUST those pieces.  To do this, you’ll also need to have a good idea of how much of each treat fits into your daily calorie budget.  To help, we’ve rounded up the calorie counts of ten of the most popular Halloween candy treats.  See how your favorites stack up… and be sure to pay attention to portion size!

Candy Corn: 22 pieces (a small handful) = 150 calories
Kit-Kat: 1.5 oz Kit-Kat bar (4 individual sticks) = 210 calories
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup: 1 regular-sized cup = 105 calories
Starburst: 8 pieces = 160 calories
Butterfinger: 1 fun size bar = 100 calories
Sour Patch Kids: 2 oz package = 210 calories
Snickers: 2 fun size bars = 160 calories
Nestle Crunch: 2 fun size bars = 120 calories
Three Musketeers: 2 fun size bars = 130 calories
Charms Blow Pop: 1 lollipop = 60 calories

How do you know how many treat calories fit into your daily budget?  If you’re trying to lose weight, you have about 150 calories per day worth of treats on top of your regular meals and snacks.  If you’re maintaining weight you can have 200 calories worth of treat foods.  A treat is any food that wouldn’t otherwise fit into a healthful meal or snack.  For instance, candy, cookies, cakes, most chips (except air-popped popcorn), alcohol/beer, and sweetened beverages (soft drinks, sweetened coffee drinks, etc.) all fall under the treat category.

Neither one of us is sure about our costume yet, although one of us is probably wearing cat ears to spin class (our instructor said it’s pretty much mandatory if you’re taking classes the week of Halloween), the other might be a troll doll, and we may or may not be dressing up a cat as a vampire…for the 2nd year in a row!

Are you dressing up this year? What’s your favorite Halloween candy?


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