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Athlete Spotlight – Whitney Carlson


Athlete Spotlight – Whitney Carlson

Athlete Whitney Carlson in kitchen

Whitney Carlson is a health coach, personal trainer, and blogger. Her husband, Scott, helps her operate where they provide healthy recipes, workouts, and tips and tricks to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Whitney loves to discuss all things fitness and finance, but one of her biggest passions is hiking.

What is your favorite part about hiking?
I love being outside, unplugged. We go on a few hiking trips each year as a way to recharge in this always connected world we live in! It’s a great way to exercise outside of the gym.

How did you get started?
My husband and I just started hiking nearby trails in Georgia and eating cleaner. It transformed our lives. We’ve been hooked ever since!

How many hikes have you completed?
We have completed too many hikes to even list! A few of our most memorable: climbing Mount Whitney (the highest mountain in the lower 48), climbing Half Dome, and climbing Mount Sneffels (a Colorado 14er).
Athlete Whitney Carlson mud run

How long have you been hiking?
I’ve been hiking frequently for over four years.

What is your favorite distance to hike and why?
We don’t only take distance into account when planning hikes; we also look at elevation change. The elevation change is where the challenge comes in! We’ve done day hikes that were only a few miles long up to 26 miles long!

What is your best training tip?
Incline training is key for hiking. It’s also important to have strong legs and lower back. Consistently lifting weights and choosing incline training (on the treadmill or running/walking hills) is the best way to train for hikes.

What keeps you motivated?
My motivation comes from within. I know that I feel and perform my best when I keep up my training and nutrition. There really is no other option for me.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting on his or her fitness journey?
Don’t give up. Small steps really do add up, so just keep moving forward!
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