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Couch Potato Workouts


Couch Potato Workouts

We’ve already talked about great fall races and how to stay healthy in the fall, but we haven’t discussed what is legitimately the best aspect of the season: the television shows. It seems like this is the one time of year when I am actually able to catch up on old shows and start watching new ones. Between the television shows and football games, we’re probably pushing it on the screen time around my house. Then again, shows and games can also get me up and moving. No couch potatoes here!


It’s no secret that I love a great themed workout, and television-related ones are no exception. One of my favorites is pairing a football game with some killer moves. I created a football game workout last year and it’s still a hit. The year before, I completed an even simpler to follow (but just as tough to complete) workout to pair with the games. I don’t complete them every single time a game is on, but sometimes it’s nice to pair two interests together. It makes the games all that more exciting when you feel like you’re part of the action!



For more “get-off-the-couch” options, check out the list below:


Commercial Break Workout from FitFluential: They seem to take forever, and you know squeezing in a quick workout is better than flipping through the other 3 million channels with nothing on.


Scandal Workout from the Buff Geek: I love that Scandal is back, so I’m pumped to see a workout to pair with it. PS: How do we feel about drinking wine with this one? I mean, it totally fits the theme.


College Football Workout from FitFluential: Here’s a workout for when you’d rather squat it out rather than simply cheer them on. No shame! I won’t tell.


TV Workouts from Unlikely Health: From Big Bang Theory to Friends, this list has some great shows and even better workouts. You might just rekindle an old TV flame with some of these.


30 Rock Workout from Back on Pointe: This show never gets old for me. If you find yourself needing something to do while watching, though, this workout is perfect.  Between working out and laughing, you’ll be ripped in no time.


Netflix Workout from Veva Health: This is a great option when you can’t find the specific TV show workout you’re looking for, because it works with anything! All you need is 50 minutes and a screen.


Have any workouts to add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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