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How to Find Races Near You


How to Find Races Near You

Once you’ve been training for a while, you may want to find a local race to run in. Or, for some people, you may want to find the race first, in order to give you motivation to start training.  Sometimes it takes paying that fee up front and having a set deadline to give real motivation.  Whatever the case, here are some resources to help you find a race near you.

Search Online

The internet has made finding races super easy. There are several large websites that aggregate as much local race information as possible so that you can easily find the race you are looking for. These include short runs, 5ks, marathons, and even triathlons.

The first is Running in the USA, which has a huge selection of races to choose from.  It also includes links to register if the race accepts online registrations, as well as links to social media and other topics.

The second is Runner’s World Race Finder, which is a search for local races.  It doesn’t have as much information as Running in the USA, but it is also a good resource to check out.

Finally, there is Active.com, which hosts many of the online registration programs for local races. This site caters to more than just running, and has a lot of other sport registrations as well.

Check Your Local Shops

Some races, however, you may not find online. That is why you may want to check out your local sport shops. Many shops have a bulletin board with local race events and clubs that are putting on races. This can be an excellent resource for finding races near you.

You may also consider joining a local running club. These clubs typically host weekend events, where you can run as a group along various routes. Some of these clubs put on actual races, while others just focus on running as a group. Depending on your skill level and desire, this could be a good option for you.

Are you running in any races this year? Share with us below!

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