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Incredible Athlete Series: Amanda Rosenburg


Incredible Athlete Series: Amanda Rosenburg

Amanda Rosenburg always dreamed of becoming a mother. So when she found out that she was pregnant two years ago she was ecstatic. After having a complicated delivery where they almost lost their son, Amanda and her husband welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. Shortly after she gave birth, Amanda noticed that something didn’t feel right. She felt sad and overwhelmed. After returning home from the hospital, the “post baby blues” escalated. Amanda found herself sneaking away to cry and as weeks went on, the feelings got worse. She knew that she was suffering from postpartum depression, but was ashamed to confront it. To mask the feelings of sadness, Amanda turned to food and before she knew it she had put on an excessive amount of weight. Almost a year after her son’s birth reality struck. She needed to change her life around for her child. Amanda grabbed a pair of sneakers and headed out the door.

That one-mile was the hardest mile she has ever run, but it’s the mile that opened the door to helping her overcome post-partum depression. A year later Amanda is still going strong, her blog Happy Mother Runner chronicles her journey of running and being a mom. Her hope is that she inspires others to overcome whatever obstacle they may face to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

What is your favorite part about running?

My favorite part of running is the feeling I have afterwards. You can have the absolute worst run, but at the end you still feel like you accomplished something pretty amazing. Running also allows me quiet time to think or not to think (depending on my mood).

How many races have you completed?

I have completed five half marathons, one 10k, and two 5k’s since October 2011. I also have a list of upcoming races in 2012 including the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be my first full marathon.

What advice would you give someone interested in participating in his/her first race?

Don’t be nervous. If you put in the time to train, there is no need to worry. Enjoy the run; it’s an amazing atmosphere. Take the time to just relish in it.

What is your best training tip?

Find a training program that fits you. If you are in a program that doesn’t seem right it’s alright to switch to another. Running isn’t a one size fits all type of sport. Go with what your body is telling you.

What keeps you motivated?

My son. I want him to look at me and see a strong woman who has conquered a lot to be a good mother to him.

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5 Comments on “Incredible Athlete Series: Amanda Rosenburg”

  1. Amanda C

    Go, Amanda! Bringing attention to something as valuable as us being able to concur post-partum depression. Here’s to you!

  2. Fran

    Wonderful Article about an amazing person. As a working wife, mother, student (working on her Phd) she can still find time to run. She is a real inspiration to stay healthy, mind, body & spirit.

  3. Stephanie (@heystephanie)

    I’m really trying my best to get better at running. There are two things that really bother me the most. First, some days I’ll have a good run and other days I’ll get a really bad cramp in my side. I don’t know what triggers it so I don’t know how to avoid it.

    Second, sometimes I’ll get a good stride going and then another jogger/runner will totally pass me and I feel like a total slow poke and lose motivation. Any advice on how to get past those two concerns?

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